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Five-stars! Jeanette was super sweet and professional! The procedure was quick and painless!

Hyaluron pen is PERFECT if you're in between touch-ups or wanting to "stretch" the life of your fillers. Or even just experimenting! I didn't want to commit to cheek filler as I find they often look obvious and overcorrected. The hyaluron pen was a fun way to experiment without the extreme commitment.

I usually get 1-2 syringes of lip filler a year. I am also getting certified to inject fillers/Botox soon, yet something about regularly injecting my face every few months seems extreme (and expensive) to me. I was curious about the hyaluron pen and how it compared to deeper injectable. And I think it's def a GREAT alternative!

I got 1ML on my lips + cheeks and achieved a nice "plumped" look. It gave me that "well-rested, she's-been-drinking-her-8-oz-of-water, eating-five-servings-of-veggies, getting-8-hours-of-sleep, and staying-on-top-of-her-skin-care" look. Very subtle and ... refreshing!

Def recommend! I am also excited to see what other procedures Jeanette will be providing down the line! Not having to drive to the city was also a huge PLUS. - Gema O. Yelp

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Love it!

Excellent service! Love it! I'll be back. - Roni, Groupon


Very informative. Let me know how everything goes step by step. Did not hurt at all. Can't wait for second session and final result. - Sandra, Groupon


Such a great experience, my lips look beautiful! - Tia Groupon


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